What Is An Online Casino Bonus

One of the privileges of having access to an online casino is the ability to access the online games at any time. These online casino games, also considered virtual casinos, have the same features of that of an onsite casino minus all the bells and whistles that one may physically experience at an onsite casino. When playing the casino game online in order to win the trust of the player the site will often offer an online casino bonus. There are two versions of the online casino. There is the downloadable online casino and the web based casino. The differences is that with the web based casino there is nothing that is required to be downloaded onto the computer itself. A few plug ins may be needed in order to actually play on the web based casino but no software has to be installed prior to utilizing the online site.

When using the web based online situs taruhan judi bola the usual requirement is that the site may asked for you to sign up as a member to have access to their games. But there is nothing that has to be downloaded to the computer in terms of software. There may be a need to have certain plug ins available on the computer however in order that the game will operate properly online. Same as with most of the games that are available at the actual casino sites, there are a variety of games available to the internet user. The games that one can play while utilizing the online casino can be anything from blackjack, online poker, online slot games to craps and more.

One of the marketing points that make online casinos more appealing are the bonuses that the online casinos will offer from time to time. Initially, the online casinos will offer a sign up bonus that allows added bonus points to the participant equivalent to a same as cash value. Usually these incentive bonus is offered after the player makes a deposit online and wagers a certain amount of money toward their betting. The online casino will offer bonuses in order to have the player bid more money or place more money on the game. Even though the bidder may wager more money, they also have the option of cashing out on these bonuses as well. Though the casino site may offer same as cash bonus, they also offer non cashable bonuses too. The non cash bonuses are accessible to the player only online while playing that game. These bonuses are called sticky bonuses or phantom bonuses because they only stick to the online balance and are not available to be cashed out. The phantom bonus sticks as long as the player has an online balance.